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THIS IS AMAZING. Thanks for the submission! 

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The wild H.G.

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I told her, ‘I want you to scare the shit out of her.’ I said, ‘Jo, I want Jaime to think you’re going to strangle her.’

Jack Kenny on the “For the Team” podcast.image


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Bering and Wells requested by ehasu

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Joanne: Jaime and I got to do some really special scenes.
Jaime: Yeah.
Joanne: [Laughs] Yeaaah. […]
Jaime: …and it
 allowed us to really play with some stuff that we wanted to, you know, play with.
Joanne: It was a really good time. 


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Joanne: I also think it speaks to Jaime’s strength as an actress that she brought so much to the table in setting up that relationship. We are so lucky to have her. You know, we have a very male set. There are a lot of dudes around. So to have another woman come in, one who is so smart and so interesting — I’ll just say H.G. Wells wasn’t H.G. Wells until Jamie stepped into her shoes.

Jaime: Oh, you!

Joanne: It’s true; you know it’s true.


Joanne: Yes, they’re just trying to work it out. And I just need to say how wonderful it was to be on-screen with someone as smart and beautiful as Jaime.

Jaime: You’re an angel, Jo.


Joanne: What? Our fans are the best photo editors, man. Jaime recently sent me an edited photo of H.G. and Myka making out. It was hot.


Jaime: When I was a kid, getting to go to McDonald’s was such a treat.

Joanne: It still is, Jaime. It still is. Any time you want to go, let me know. McDonald’s is a magical, magical place.

Jaime: Oh, now I’m going to have to start force feeding you berries and sneaking vitamins into your drinks.

Joanne: No! Never! I’m coming to see you on the Defiance lot and I’m bringing you a Happy Meal. (x)




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Favorite Myka Moments - some of my favorite serious scenes.

1. Regrets: Myka forgives herself for Sam’s death
“The cruelest prison is the one we build for ourselves out of fear and regret.”

2. Nevermore: Myka/Dad catharsis
“I’m sorry I wasn’t a boy.”
“I’m sorry I wasn’t a father.”

3. Vendetta: Myka learns why HG was bronzed
“The bronzer was your time machine.”

4. Age Before Beauty: In which Myka talks about her insecurities & Pete makes me want to hug him so hard he can’t breathe.
“I’m not the pretty one.”

5. Trials: Myka learns about young pete
“Everyone keeps leaving me”

6. A New Hope: Myka mourns HG
“Every day people die. Sometimes it’s people we care about, and sometimes it’s even people that we love.”